05 – 07 min.

Warm up our body and mind. We prepare ourselves to exercise our body and mind to our limits in order to evade injuries and also to achieve our physical goals.

35 – 40 min.

Get your body and mind to the maximum effort. We make the body achieve its limits in order to gain all the advantages of our method and to be able to see changes from the very beginning of our work-out routine.

05 – 07 min.

It is vital for our body to calm down after the maximal effort and also our minds. We relax with soothing respiration and calm stretching.

Benefits of our Akaboxfit method


Effective loss of corporal fat

The high intensity of the exercises accelerates your metabolism, it helps to burn calories, even long after the training session.


Results after a maximum of 20 weeks

You will gain muscles, strength and much better physical state in little time.


Slow down the aging process

Training you will maintain yourself young as this practice stimulates the growth hormone.


Improve your cardiovascular capacity

The practice of our training favors your heart’s functions and the blood circulation.


Benefits for diabetics

Improve insulin sensibility and increase glucosamine consumption of your body.


Save time

You accomplish the routine in 60 minutes, up to 3 sessions a week only.


Improve your health condition

You will benefit at your sugar level, blood pressure and fight obesity problems.


Improve your resistance

You will notice that you get tired much slower and you will be able to endure more intensive training.


Perfect for fat loss and muscle improvement

Stimulate the discharge of testosterone which, combined with the routine exercise, will make your muscles grow, and with a good diet the fiber will stay in good shape.

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